Grandparent and Stepparent Adoptions in San Antonio

Grandparent Rights Attorney

In spending time with your grandchild, you are cultivating one of the most rewarding relationships that you’ll have in your lifetime. By sharing affection, wisdom, and a life perspective – children will be able to progress through life as confident young adults. Unfortunately, grandparent-grandchild relationships can be prevented from forming through the intervention of the parent. Or worse, the parent may be exposing your grandchild to unsafe, even dangerous situations. Having the knowledge and skill of a San Antonio grandparent rights attorney, you will have the strength to protect your grandchild from further neglect or harm.

If you want to file a lawsuit for custody of your grandchild, the following will be considered by the San Antonio courts: whether your grandchild has been living with you for the last six months, whether the parent or custodial guardian agrees that you should have custody of the child, the child’s wants (if they are old enough) and needs, the child’s physical and emotional health, if the parents have committed crimes or neglected the child, if the current environment they are living in is unsafe, etc. These factors are intended to compare the child’s life with the parents versus the child’s life with yours. Overall, courts are trying to make the best decision for the child. Of course, the goal of your trial will be to surpass the court’s bias of “parental presumption” where, despite some of these factors, the court may rule in favor of the child remaining with the parents.

With a grandparent rights attorney, you will be able to develop a strategic case where you can prove to the courts that your grandchild is living in an unsafe situation and would benefit the most by being under your care.

Stepparent Adoption Attorney San Antonio

Adopting a stepchild can be a heartwarming experience – you are choosing to strengthen the bonds between you and your step-child through a legal commitment to them. The path to adopting your stepchild is a two-step process: the absent parent’s custodial rights must be terminated and then the official documentation must be filled out to adopt your stepchild. However, the first step is always the most difficult – how are you going to terminate another’s right to be a parent to the child? In hiring a stepparent adoption attorney in San Antonio, you’re off to a great start.

After you first file for adoption, your stepparent adoption attorney will obtain the termination of parental rights by having the absent parent sign an affidavit of relinquishment so that the process can continue as an “uncontested adoption.” Unfortunately, some parents do not want to give up their parental rights to their child, even an absent parent. In such cases, you must go to a San Antonio court and prove that the absent parent does not have a relationship with the child and isn’t planning to establish one. This may take time and careful research, but with the right stepparent adoption attorney, you will be fast on your way adopting your stepchild.

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