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Paternity Attorney

Bringing babies into the world is a joyous occasion. If you have had a child with someone that you are not married to, then the process of acknowledging paternity will help establish the beautiful family you have made together. Through the legal system, paternity action establishes the bond between father and child that allows the father to have parenting rights over the child as well as accept the legal responsibilities of raising the child. In order to best understand the next steps, a paternity attorney can help you make the most informed decision.

In establishing paternity, the administrative process involved is called an Acknowledgment of Paternity. In San Antonio, the Acknowledgement of Paternity can be established at any time before, during, or after the birth of the child. Of course, as the father of the child, your desires for your future relationship with the child may not be on the same page with the mother. In order to have the knowledge and support you need, hiring a San Antonio paternity attorney will ensure that you are able to achieve visitations rights, set up autonomic inheritance rights, prevent the adoption of a child by another family, or request for custody arrangement modifications.

Paternity Disputes

Parental disputes greatly depend on the type of “father” that you have been legally categorized as. As a “presumed father,” the law presumes that you are the child’s father; however, this claim can be contested in court and validated with a paternity test. As an “acknowledged father,” you would have signed a legal document called the Acknowledgment of Paternity where you have legally established your relationship with the child as the father. When being determined as an “adjudicated father,” that means that you have legally been determined by the courts as the father. Finally, as an “alleged father,” this means that the mother has suggested that you are the father but there is no legal presumption that you are the father.

Contesting that you are an “acknowledged father” or “adjudicated father” is much more difficult to contest than an alleged father because you or a San Antonio court have already determined that you are the father. However, you may have a pre-trail hearing where the court will hear the case as to why you do not believe that you are the father in which case you have the right to request appropriate genetic testing. With San Antonio paternity disputes, you can hire an attorney to make sure that your rights are protected and that you take the genetic test you need to confirm whether you are the father or not.

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