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Finding the Best Spousal Support and Maintenance Attorney in San Antonio

Spousal Maintenance Attorney

The future can feel unsettling in the wake of a divorce. Whether you are the spouse that is more financially well off or the spouse that needs support, spousal maintenance will drastically influence your life after the divorce. Spousal maintenance is similar to rehabilitative alimony in the respect that a spouse will receive financial support from their former spouse in order to help them financially transition after the divorce. Of course, this financial support does not include the assets awarded in the division of property or the funds ordered to be paid for child support. Determining spousal maintenance can become rapidly complex in a Bexar County courtroom, especially when both sides are hostile towards one another. In such important cases, it is essential to have a Bexar County spousal maintenance attorney to ensure that you have the support you need or are only paying what you should.

Some of the factors that courts look at to determine spousal support include: the spouse’s ability to pay for their former spouse’s minimum needs while paying for child support, contribution of the homemaker during marriage, the education and employment skills of the spouse to determine if they need more education to enter the workforce, etc. There are a lot of layers of complexity when dealing with spousal maintenance. To protect your interests, hiring a spousal maintenance attorney will be an investment in the stability of your future.

Spousal Support Attorney

In Bexar County courts, there are requirements that a spouse must meet in order to be eligible for spousal support. The greatest factor in determining spousal support is the duration of the marriage. If the marriage lasted ten years or more, you will have standing to seek spousal support. Also, the courts look closely at the financial ability and earning capacity of both spouses as well as the reasoning behind the need for financial support – this is where having a spousal support attorney is vital to receiving support. Yes, having to enter the workforce is difficult, but this reason alone will not warrant a lifetime of spousal support. Other reasons can include the lack of sufficient funds or property to support yourself, mental or physical disability, the child’s mental or physical disability so that you must take care of them full time, or the lack of education to sufficiently support yourself.

Although these reasons warrant the courts to order spousal support, they are often only temporary. For instance, spousal support for a disability will only exist as long as it is verifiable that the former spouse has a disability. There could be other time limits applicable to your case as well. With this in mind, a Bexar County spousal support attorney will use their expertise in their field to ensure that your spousal support lasts for as long as you need it to be able to transition comfortably into the next chapter of your life

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